Zsona Maco México Arte Contemporáneo, Mexico City, MX

February 8 - February 12, 2017

Booth NP22

In their approach to transformed materials, constructed and deconstructed images, objects and bodies, the artists Iris Touliatou and Maximilian Arnold reflect on the contemporary status of nature and think anew the interplay between nature, culture and technology, the complex symbiotic relationships between humans and artefacts.
Maximilian Arnold’s canvases, constructed of multiple layering of printmaking, collage and paint are simultaneously familiar and strange.
The end product of these demanding and lengthy processes plays with the opposition between digital and analog, referring to the tension between the digitalization of images and the rules of classical painting.
Flatness versus depth, materiality versus illusion, the epic, strange and unknown versus the everyday, arbitrary and random; they show the aspects of the „tactile world“ being a pool for sensory and visual experience of everyday life. 
Iris Touliatou’s sculptures, wall works and installations combine various techniques and a wide array of organic and inorganic substances - from raw metals to refined vitamins, from blown glass to distilled objects and notes, from laser engraved rubber and thermo printed plastics, to scented emulsions and liquid solutions.
Pointing out the subtle distinctions between natural and artificial, original and copy, living and lifeless, Touliatou’s multimedia practice uses the transformative states of matter, as a metaphor for the enigmatic nature of existence, speculates on what materiality is and can be.

Maximillian Arnold was 1987 in Heidelberg, DE, and lives and works in Frankfurt am Main, DE. He attended AdBK Karlsruhe with Prof. Toon Verhoef, 2009-2013; Städelschule Frankfurt am Main with Prof. Willem de Rooij, 2013-2015. 
Previous solo and two-person shows include: Aware Of Being Naive, Basis Showroom, Frankfurt am Main, DE, with Martin Kähler, 2016; Reasonable Doubt, DUVE Berlin, Berlin, DE, 2015; MiArt, Milan, IT, with Roman Liška, 2015; At The End Of Days Zombies Are Crawling Up The Walls, Im Hinterzimmer Showroom, Karlsruhe, DE, with Christian Falkner, 2014; The Show Must Go Wrong, Salon Kennedy, Frankfurt am Main, DE, 2014; Tu, Io, Noi, V8 Showroom, Karlsruhe, DE, with Henry Staschik, 2013; Cannot See Straight, Kensington Gardens Square, London, UK, by Salon Kennedy, 2012. Selected group exhibitions include: Tutti Meno Un Etto, Im Hinterzimmer Showroom, Karlsruhe, DE, 2017; Shades Of Grey, Kunstraum Riehen, Riehen, Basel, CH, 2016; Encoding the Urban, Kunsthaus Baselland, Muttenz, Basel, CH, 2016; My Third Wish Has Always Been Three More, Infinite Berlin, Berlin, DE, 2016; Von meinem IPhone gesendet, Alte Fleischmarkthalle Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, DE, 2016; Art Cologne, Cologne, DE, 2016; The Art Of The Matter, CAM St. Louis, St. Louis, US, 2016; Parked Like Serious Oysters, MMK Frankfurt am Main, DE, 2015; If it can’t burn us, can it still warm our hearts?, Mindscape Universe Showroom, Berlin, DE, 2015; Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost, Villa Gellerstraße, Karlsruhe, DE, 2015; NADA, New York, US, 2015.
Upcoming exhibitions include: Solo Show, DUVE Berlin, Berlin, DE and Zona Maco, Mexico City (MX), with Iris Touliatou.

Iris Touliatou was born in 1981 in Athens, Greece. She received her Masters of Fine Arts from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris, FR in 2008. Previous solo and two-person shows include: Centuries will squeeze between your thumb and your index, Reflector M, Munich, DE, 2016; Can You Wash The Water, Duve, Berlin, DE, 2016; Centuries Will Squeeze Between Your Thumbs And Your Index, ABC Art Berlin Contemporary (with DUVE Berlin), Berlin, DE 2015; Solus Rex, National Theatre of Greece, Athens, GR, 2013; and Matter Enclosed in Heavy Brackets, Museum of Contemporary Art, Leipzig, DE, 2012. Selected group exhibitions include: The world preserves the memory of all past traces, CV COLLECTION, Centro de Arte Alcobendas, Spain, ES, 2016; Fact Niezajscia Pozostaje, Kronika Gallery, Bytom, Poland, PL, 2016; the Fantastic Journeys of Energy, Kappatos Gallery, Athens, GR, 2016; Trans Sculpture, Funkhaus, Berlin, DE, curated by Juliet Kothe and Amelie Grozinger, 2016; Curiosity, Tinos Quarry Platform, curated by Alexios Papazacharias, 2016; We’ve been hiding too long, David Achenbach projects, Wuppertal, DE, 2016; Hypnos Project, Onassis foundation, Athens, GR, 2016; Now/Here, Franz Josefs Kai 3, Vienna, AT, 2016; In Formation, Sexauer Gallery, Berlin, DE, 2016; Aeropagus Konigin, Vienna Contemporary, Vienna, AT, 2015; The Heritage, In collaboration with Fondation Le Corbusier, Athens, GR, 2015; I thought you were the real thing, Romantso Cultural Center, Paris, FR. Touliatou is among the recipients of the 2014 UNESCO-Aschberg bursary, the 2014 German-Czech Future Fund, the 2011 Future of Europe Art Prize and the 2010 Onassis Foundation Grant. Iris Touliatou lives and works between Berlin and Athens.